Work of Art


No expense was spared in the creation of the Work Of Art. With this turntable, Basis Audio offers a product that represents the summation of their well respected engineering and fabrication abilities. All the knowledge gained and lessons learned over Mr. Conti’s entire career have been poured into this project.

        For the ultimate in neutral sound, the support structure for the suspension must be extremely rigid with any resonant frequency falling outside the audio range. The Work of Art supports in each corner are massive, machined from billet, architecturally shaped beam arms. To eliminate flexure, the support arms are over-engineered to such a degree that each could support a full sized truck despite being cantilever beams in nature. To further reduce deflection at predominant natural frequencies the cross-sectional area of each arm is modulated as a function of height. The moment of inertia of a structural beam is directly proportional to the third power of the thickness, with the flexural properties gaining a concomitant third power change in magnitude. Along with the lack of parallel sides on any surface of the structure, the results are supports that are massively rigid with a randomized resonant response well above the audio range. The sonic result is a structure which forms a perfect, neutral hanging point for the fluid damped suspension system.


Dimensions: 29″ W x 19″ D x 42″ H
Overall weight: 400 pounds
Shipping weight: 550 pounds
Options: Non-vacuum version; numerous color options for stand sub-plate